Rubbaducks Duckout Bath Toy - B000JSHJ6G

Rubbaducks Duckout Bath Toy - B000JSHJ6G
Rubbaducks Duckout Bath Toy - B000JSHJ6G Rubbaducks Duckout Bath Toy - B000JSHJ6G
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  • With over 220 designs and 20 million+ rubber duck lovers worldwide, Rubba Ducks are the world's premier rubber duck collectible

  • Created by BOLDT., each Rubba Duck is uniquely designed to promote and communicate its individual personality and character

  • Adding to their individuality, each duck is sculpted and painted with the finest details and then adorned with a tattoo reflecting its unique personality on it's tail feathers

  • All of the Rubba Ducks have their own hatch date and engaging bio, which is found on their Gift Box and trading card tags

  • Rubba Ducks Float Straight Up! With an EU Marking Rubba Ducks meets all European and exceeds all U.S. toy safety standards

  • Duckout, Rubba Duck in its Gift Box. The Baseball duck, is sculpted and textured like a real baseball, stitches and all, wearing an official Rubba Ducks baseball cap with a 3 dimensional baseball bat tattoo on its tail feathers. Hatched: September 25th Tag Line: Duckout - the home run hitter Bio: It's playing catch in the front yard, then hitting off the tee. Keep your eye on the ball - now it's off to little league. Then practice, practice, practice - one, two, three. Next up is college ball or even the minor leagues. You're rounding all the bases with the fans on their feet. It's winning the championship and series that fulfills your major league dream.

    Rubbaducks Duckout Bath Toy - B000JSHJ6G

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